Viking Textile Maker Hub is a 3-track makerspace designed to help build the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon community of sewists (sewers + artists) and enable work and job creation in our industry. We started out as a collaboration between Viking Sewing, Vacuum, Spa and Stove and Discard Upcycling and funded by Lane Workforce Partnership but have applied for non-profit status and are currently finalizing that. Located in the Viking Sewing, Vacuum, Spa and Stove shop on 788 W. th Street in the bustling Whiteaker neighborhood, the space offers a small-batch manufacturing and gig-work connecting skilled sewists to work as contractors making products for local small businesses, classroom space for local textile artisans to teach their unique curriculum, and a makerspace featuring an fleet of industrial sewing machines for all types of projects or to develop new skills working with specialized and industrial equipment. The space will benefit local sewists and the community at large by providing a hub where they can work, learn and collaborate together. Sewing is not just a skill set, but also an art form and way to earn a living, help our community and connect. Whether you are an experienced sewist, or wanting to learn more, have a sewing based business, or want to learn new skills to get a job in our thriving area textile industry, VTMH is a space designed to make this happen!

We are signing up students for the new year! Here is our 2023 class schedule so far:

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